Our Approach

Research and Surveys

Eco-Solve Innovations Africa has gathered a lot of data after piloting our products with supermarkets, retail outlets, seedling producers, agriculture farmers, waste management companies and eco-friendly organizations within the Ghanaian market since 2019. A diverse team of sales, marketing and research professionals including university lectures, engineers and chemical biologist have been engaged through our team of experts.

Advocacy and Exhibitions

Eco-Solve Innovations Africa is very keen on education and change management since it is very difficult to change a habit or a taste for a product. We organize workshops for schools, local communities, experts and public exhibitions and seminars to introduce the youth and the next generation to alternative products that are environmentally friendly to both plants and marine animals.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Eco-Solve Innovations Africa has been engaging with sustainable corporate organizations and brands to introduce “BIODEGRADABLE REPLACEMENT PROGRAMMES”. These programmes are to encourage and support research and development in attaining UN sustainable goals by replace Single-Use plastic bags and Single-Use Styrofoam packages with biodegradable alternatives in supermarkets, grocery shops, Hotels, restaurants, and general food vendors within the country.

In addition, the programme seeks for partners in setting up a manufacturing plants to produce cassava-based biodegradable carrier bags and sugarcane packages for the West African market.

Pilot Projects

Eco-Solve Innovations Africa has been partnering local and international organizations in conducting pilot projects to help with change management and acceptability studies for biodegradable products. The World Economic Forum’s Global Plastic Action Partnership selected Ghana for a pilot project in 2019, under the initiative of establishing a circular economy framework for the plastics sector in Ghana. 

Eco-Solve Innovations Africa’s cassava-based biodegradable carrier bag was one of the projects identified as sustainable and environmentally friendly replacement for plastics and has been selected for a 5-year pilot project in Ghana.